Ivonne Delaflor
Believe, Create and Grow
I invite you to become part of the community of thousands of people that have changed their lives in a trascendental way by applying the free exercises, meditations and visualizations offered in this 21 day program called the "21 days of Faith in Action."
Are your ready to INCREMENT your Personal POWER, SPARK up your FAITH and take ACTION?

 During your 21 DAYS OF FAITH IN ACTION™ We will send you an email with a link to access the corresponding video.
At the end of these 21 Days of FAITH IN ACTION™:
  •   You will have gained the skills to take action and conscious decisions.

  •    You will learn to forgive and liberate yourself and those you love. 

  •  You will have the systemic tools to transcend cultural and emotional heritage and leave judgements behind.
  •  You will have the tools to design your Future in a bright way, update your present, store and understand your past with maturity.
  •  You will approach your goals with bills.

  •  You will strengthen your personal power.

  •  You will know how to Create opportunities through actions, to increment your your personal transformation with massive results and regain full responsibility of your life, reconnect with the divine power of the sacred source of creation within you.
During these 21 Days of practical exercises, power imagery visualizations, scientific prayer, spiritual teachings and meditations especially designed for you, you will be able to re-ignite your FAITH and put your dreams in ACTION.
Your dreams will become goals and you will manifest a reality with more abundance, more self-love and inner peace.
Ivonne is known to be one of the predecessor of the innovation in Leadership and Personal Transformation. Renown internationally as Spiritual Master, Author of over 15 books, Producer and Life Coach using the methodology called TOTAL AWARENESS COACHING(™). She is one of the 4 people worldwide, authorized to train others in the German System called FUTURING (™), which helps corporations, entrepreneurs, executives, couples, parents and individuals design FUTURES of productive, brilliant and successful life.
She is the creator of the Transcendental Rebirthing System™, through which she has helped over 6000 people rebirth. The Transcendental Rebirthing System™ helps each individual take full control over his/her life, heal the past, update their present and design their future with complete confidence, stability, internal peace and personal power, by applying this systemic, sustainable and transcendental practice.
Ivonne works as a volunteer with Nonprofit Organizations that focus on finding a cure for Autism and Eating disorders which also receive all profit of her books.
Ivonne has made appearances on Radio, Television and has collaborated on books by other authors like “Gods and Angels” by Doreen Virtue. Ivonne considers herself to be an ancestor of the future generations, and has a profound love for the human family.
She uses her Faith in God and Humanity as her fuel to keep serving, helping, creating and growing. She firmly believes that it is our moral responsibility, as human beings, to create a better world every single day of our lives.
With a team of philanthropists, Ivonne is co-creating several projects to promote the awakening and rise consciousness in Mexico and the rest of Latin America.
 Ivonne became a Crudivegan Nutritionist and she loves to share healthy food with her loved ones and she homeschools her 3 children who she calls “my real teachers”.

The 21 DAYS OF FAITH IN ACTION, is not a challenge, it is not an ORDINARY event, it is an OPPORTUNITY to SPARK UP your FAITH, to take ACTION and create RESULTS in life where every action you take becomes an OFFERING to your SOUL.

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